Competition within the Online Poker Industry

While the US Congress continues to scrutinize the legalization of online poker for future profits, forecasters are looking into what outcome changes in the lawful realm might occur within the industry.  Most are claiming current online poker rooms and associates as the main cast of characters, yet there is a newer look at competition within the form of social networking.  Due to the lingering developments of HR 2267, most people are looking to offshore gambling companies as the principals in the industry’s progression.  Other sites and land-based operations are also expected to enter the market if the bill is passed into law.  The actual largest threat at the present for online poker suppliers may be directed from an entirely different front.  Zynga, Facebook’s vastly popular Texas Hold’em Poker game, and Google have been on the sidelines observing the market trends.  It has been rumored that these online mega moguls may just be the next in line to compete with the leading offshore operations like Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars.

Zynga’s application for Facebook holds the largest membership for any online social networking site.  The site claims approximately 30 million players, which gives an immensely powerful compilation to penetrate the market.  Closed sources have reported Zynga as observing the legislation process, and anxious to press forward into a real money poker operation.  Google has also been noted as a serious possible competitor.  Certainly considered as one of, if not the foremost internet venture, Google has been involved with Zynga on a deal estimated at $100 million to develop what is being referred to as Google Games.  It is reported that this heavy hitting Google-Zynga combination will be looking to stake a claim in the online poker industry with this merger.

Other companies, who are looking to become stronger online competitors with the offshore gambling industry leaders, may find they will have been dealt a more difficult hand should the social networking giants sit in on the table.

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