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Latest News and Poker is a Sport After All

It appears that has taken another leap toward displaying their status as a leading trailblazer in the online poker industry.  The announcement has been made that will merger a deal with  All the details of the partnership have yet to be disclosed, but the outlined version allows PokerStars to be the developing power behind a newly formed poker room on  The site will have features which include: community chat, video and print content and a free play room.  No explicit statements were made during today’s announcement, but the buzz is that the room will be a (real money play) skin, and not a separate site utilizing the PokerStars software.

PokerStars North America Regional Marketing Director, Joe Versaci, proclaimed: “ is one of the most popular online destinations in the world, with thriving sports, gaming and poker arenas that host the best live and editorial content on thousands of sporting and gaming events every week. This tie-in will see and combine the best live and editorial content with the web’s best online poker games.”

This deal brings closer to the trend already set by and  Both these sites are already linked into the online poker industry with highly popular interest in poker, which includes Inside Deal and a weekly poker news magazine.  Whereas, has been boasting free play poker action during broadcasts of its Main Event production.

“ is thrilled to team up with,” said Jim Bernard, gaming vice president for Fox Sports Interactive. “Poker enthusiasts are some of the most fanatical and engaged sports fans on the web today. We look forward to delivering the poker experience to our 26 million users.”

A release date has not been announced at this time.

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Poker Math Skills

If you’re new to poker or online poker, or if you’ve been at the game for awhile, here are a few solid poker playing tips to remember.  Many high end players could be described as tight and aggressive.  Yet, part of being a good poker player is developing and applying a strategy.  A good poker player should develop and utilize some solid math skills.  Below are some useful tips for using basic math skills to improve your poker playing strategy.

A good poker player will have a solid understanding of the probabilities of the game.  For instance, it would behoove a player to know they have about a 1 in 8.5 chance of hitting a set when holding a pocket pair, and there is about a 1 in 3 chance of completing a flopped flush draw by way of the river.

Solid poker players know the importance of outs.  Outs are the number of cards which will improve a hand.  The simplest means to calculate a rough percentage of hitting is to count your outs, multiply them by two, and add one.

A good poker player can work the pot odds.  Understanding the use of outs is worthless unless it’s applied toward balanced, calculated betting.  If a player understands there is a 20% chance of hitting, what will they do next?  Call or fold?  Having a solid grasp of pot odds in conjunction with using outs to calculate card hits will indeed benefit your strategy.

As you can see, using some solid math skills and making them a part of your poker playing strategy can really help.  As always, remember to do your homework before sitting down the the tables.  The best players out there are always working their game.

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To Bluff Or Not To Bluff…

Many poker players make mistakes with tactics.  One of the most useful poker tactics is the bluff.  But, how one plays a bluff is essential to its success.

It literally pays to do your homework before sitting down to join the action in an online poker room game.  Perhaps the smartest thing you can do before jumping into an online poker game is to research the field a bit.  Have a look at the Poker Room Reviews available on the internet and do some studying in order to improve your chances of winning.

You may want to consider the following: which poker rooms have the best players, the least experienced players, or the best bonuses.  These choices may be of particular interest depending on how you play.  If you utilize bluffing well, it can pay off nicely.  Texas Holdem poker is a particularly good game to use a bluff tactic.  Again, you may want to do a little research on which online poker rooms have the best Texas Holdem games or tournaments.

Bluffing is an exciting element of Texas Holdem that many players don’t play well.  You can play the game without bluffing of course, but that will reduce your chances of wins significantly.  Sure, a bluff is one of the oldest tricks to play, but the manner in how you make your bluffs is what will throw off the other players.  One of the best features of the online poker bluff is no one can watch for your “tell”.  Other players won’t see the shift of your eyes or the tapping of your fingers on the table as you set your trap.  Bluffing is certainly easier with the online poker game.  Of course, it can work against you as well.   But – we’re talking about YOU winning not the other players, right?

If you are not playing the bluff tactic properly, you are going to lose, and you might lose more than expected, due to unknown factors – unless you’ve done your research.  Let’s take a look at some misplayed bluffing tactics.

Don’t bluff too often.

Space out the bluff tactic.  Interspersed with some solid, strategic poker play the bluff can become more of an unknown for the opposition.  If you bluff too often, you are just setting yourself up for major losses in the long run.  Even while you practice the art of the bluff, don’t push it too many times too soon.

Careful bluffing the inexperienced.

Wait – sounds like you should do the opposite, right?  Take that noobie for all they got, right?  Sometimes that’s easier said than done.  Beginners aren’t as savvy as the experienced.  They won’t be calculating odds, or recognizing scare cards.  You could be bluffing something that they won’t even have a clue about, which could defeat your tactics all together.  Also, sometimes the new player will merely call, or play through the hand with bad cards like a top pair – creating another means to defeat your bluff without their even realizing it.  Again, doing some homework on what type of poker room you want to play will help avoid these issues.  Generally, sites where the better players gravitate will do better with the bluff tactic.

Don’t forget to bluff.

Many players think that the bluff just won’t pay off for them.  Baloney.  When used as a well placed aspect of your strategy, the bluff is an excellent play to be made.  A good player will begin to understand your strategy if you don’t change it up a bit with a solid bluff, or other tight maneuvers.

If you’re looking to win – and you really are, right?  It will behoove you to create a strategic approach to your poker game.  In order to have a well-rounded strategy, it should include a good bluff now and then.

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Hello world!

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Online Poker: Solid Information

Online poker is fast becoming the leading type of online gambling today.  Playing live poker games is easily accessible, and the variety of poker styles available has grown with the interest of the masses.  A person can play Texas Holdem with another player from anywhere in the world right from their computer.

Texas Holdem is perhaps the most popular style of online poker games.  Just about every online poker room will have a solid assortment of Texas Holdem games available for all levels of players.  You can also find many Texas Holdem tournaments to enter and test your skills.  If your skills and luck are strong enough during tournament play, you might find yourself earning a winning seat at the World Series of Poker.

Maybe you think that concept is a bit far-fetched.  How can you become a player in the biggest online poker event, the World Series of Poker, from your own personal computer?  But, consider this – in 2009 thousands of people from all around the globe qualified for that year’s World Series of Poker by playing Texas Holdem tournaments on their computers from their own homes.

If you like to play poker and you haven’t tried online poker play, you’re missing out on some great earnings opportunities and entertainment.  There is an entirely different quality of play with online poker.  The intimidation factor involved in live private or casino games is greatly lessened.  You can observe the tables anonymously and discretely from your home computer until you feel comfortable to join a game.  The software downloads are easy and make playing extremely user friendly.  The online factor also allows you to play with any schedule you may have, 24/7.  You literally have convenience at your fingertips.  The social networking is also a facet of the online poker experience.  You can decide to chat as much or as little as you like.  Some players will be helpful and some won’t be so much.  All the winnings and entertainment are available right in the comfort of your own home.

There are over 2,000 internet poker rooms and casinos that you can choose from.  You want reliability and an experience you can trust.  You want the best odds and a sense of comfort with your poker action.  Online poker is fun and can be profitable.  It also pays to do your research.

Our Online Poker Rooms reviews at will help you make informed choices with recommendations.  You can visit the poker rooms through our links.  We tell you if the site has a demo section, which allows you to interact with the software prior to making your choice to download the full version for real money play.  Our review team has been testing many, many poker room sites as they appear online, and we have solid information on many of the leading poker rooms in the online gaming industry.  Take a moment… get informed… and ante up!

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