Poker and Politics? You bet!

An election which recently took place in southeastern New Mexico ended in a complete tie, and the final outcome may be decided on a game of poker.

The Chaves County Clerk reported the county commission race between Eloy Ortega and James Duffy ended with both candidates obtaining 1,004 votes.  New Mexico state law claims the tie must be broken through a game of chance.

Clerk Rhoda Coakley stated on Thrusday, “They’ll have to either flip a coin, draw straws or cut the cards.  But I suggested they maybe play a game of 5 Card Stud and whoever had the best hand would win.”

The clerk is still in waiting on 16 military ballots for the race, but if those ballots were not postmarked by November 2nd, they will not be included in the count and the election will remain a tie.  If needed, this political election outcome could see a change through a game of chance on Tuesday, with a good old game of 5 Card Stud Poker.

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