Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Online Poker Industry Collective

More than ever, right now, online poker players are seeking the assistance from any angle to allow the freedom of poker play from the comfort of home.  This motive is why many players are backing the efforts of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as he pushes to eradicate the prohibition of online gambling in the US.

Last week, Reid affirmed his commitment to legalizing online poker, but has it appears that he has decided not to favor using the tax cut bill to attain his objective.  The Nevada Democrat, who sustains close attachments to the gambling industry, had been building support for including poker legalization in legislation to stretch out the Bush-era tax cuts.  But when the tax cut bill was recently introduced into the official realm, it did not contain the poker lingo.

The bill that Reid has drafted is anything but perfect for the “comfort of home online player”.  If approved, the players would likely be locked down from all online poker rooms for approximately fifteen months.  Even in the face of the temporary playing suspension, online gamblers report to be glad that a lawmaker is at last taking a stand for the cause.

As the lame-duck session comes to a close, Reid has a deteriorating number of approaches to endorse the issue before next year.  All is under pressure within the next couple of weeks, as Republicans, who tend to contest gambling extension, gain more seats in the Senate and take power of the House, weakening the outlook for legalization of online poker.  Of course, the likelihood of Reid’s legislation passing is rather lean.  Republican leaders have berated the bill, and several have claimed there is no chance it will survive.

Adversaries of the online poker legislation have claimed that Reid might merely be paying back Las Vegas gaming executives who backed him during recent mid-term elections.  The accusations are convincing, with the bill being heavily drafted to benefit the Las Vegas and Atlantic City gaming arenas.

No matter if there are concealed motives for Reid’s proposal; the fact is this progress is – hands down – the most freedom of online gaming players have tasted since the endorsement of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) created in 2006.  This interest definitely has Reid viewed in high stakes amongst online poker players.

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